Blog: What’s in a name?

Naming the beer has long been at the bottom of my list of things to consider, let alone worry about, as over the past 10 months I’ve had the growing, harvesting and brewing on my mind. Now, however, I’m faced with 45 bottles, each conditioning ahead of their opening in 2 weeks time and as nice as I think they look, all lined up and shiny, I need to do them justice with a decent label and, therefore, a name.

I’m not particularly keen on puns or innuendo, and I want the name to reflect either the project, the ingredients or the journey so far. Whilst searching for inspiration I asked the good people of social media, and got back lots of suggestions – some more appropriate than others, but all of them offered an idea or perspective on the year to date. I’m still not 100% clear on what I’m going to go for, but considering that the labels will need to be printed in a few days time it won’t be long until I let you know!

The full list of suggestions is:

  • Bottles beerAleotment
  • All Nature’s Work
  • Alloted
  • Allotment Ale
  • Allotment Gold
  • Autarkic
  • Beer has grown
  • Ben’s Brilliant Bottle of Beer
  • Ben’s Sacrifice
  • Cleveland Steam Beer
  • Graining Blood
  • Grass Roots
  • Ground to Glass
  • Growing Beer
  • Grown
  • Homegrown
  • Homegrown Gold
  • Offya McOffyaFace
  • Richard
  • Richard II
  • Square Yard
  • Urban Struggle
  • Weary Reaper
  • Yard Graft


  1. Philip says:

    Ground to glass get my vote

  2. Hi Ben what about Allotment’eer
    Good luck. Chris.

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