The rights to all ideas, concepts, titles, activities, outputs and assets (digital and physical) from Growing Beer are reserved by, and the sole property of, Ben Richards, from 2015 – present. Any works, ideas or concepts featured at any point in this site or project is included in this.

This includes (but is not limited to) the format and concept of Growing Beer and it’s expansion to other alcoholic beverages once the initial stage of Growing Beer is completed. It also covers the titles, activities and outputs (but not limited to) of the Growing Booze project, starting in late 2017/early 2018.

The rights to the content (digital and physical) images, podcast and video created are reserved and permission will be needed to use these.

The rights to the adaptation to print, TV and film are reserved, and any reproduction, adaptation or development of these, or any other concept requires permission of the copyright holder.

You may not, without express written permission distribute, copy, recreate or commercially exploit these content, ideas or concepts.

The above statements are to clarify the ownership of copyright, not to replace or reduce any rights automatically granted under copyright law.

If you wish to use, develop or adapt any of the copyrighted material please contact Ben Richards using the contact page.

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