The partnership

Growing Beer is running in partnership with There’s a Beer for That, a national campaign that’s showcasing beer and brewing. They’re helping me to get the right advice at each stage and getting the project out to a much wider audience than I could have done single-handedly, so it’s really exciting to have them on board.

There's a Beer For That

There’s A Beer For That is a campaign backed by Britain’s Beer Alliance, here to show you that you don’t just have to have the same again, because there’s over 140 styles, and over 12,000 high quality beers to choose from.

A wave of innovation has swept across the country, bringing with it exciting new brands and a fresh take on classic styles, adding a modern twist to our heritage of brewing quality beer. There’s A Beer For That helps to get people talking about their favourite beers and swapping notes – and recommendations – with their friends, opening their taste buds up to a world of new possibilities.  

They are also helping people to discover that beer is a perfect match for food, taking a more regular place on the British dining table. Their beer explorer helps you to search for the perfect beer match to try with your menu, whilst if you need more immediate inspiration they also encourage you to ask @beerforthat for a suitable #beermatch for your favourite dish.

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