The plot

The piece of land I will be using is my allotment. It wasn’t particularly loved by the previous tenants, so before anything can be grown it needs tidying up, marking out and completely digging over. It’s a nice spot though, overlooking a valley near to my house in East Devon and I’m hoping that as it’s on a hill and southwest-facing I’ll have a good chance of growing everything I need.

As of the start of the project I don’t know anything about the soil quality, drainage or what does or doesn’t grow well, so I’ll be getting to know some of my gardening neighbours as I go. Hopefully this won’t include the cow from the adjacent field whose appearances in 2016 were clear from the many, many hoofmarks across the plot.

How big?

In total, I’ve got about 36m2 of space available to me in which to grow everything. The plot is split into 3 beds:

  • one for barley
  • one for the shed, hops, water collection and some more barley
  • one that I am not allowed to touch. This has been made very clear by my wife.

One end of the allotment backs on to a neighbouring field so has a hedge which contains a plum tree, elder tree and a fair amount of bramble, too.

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